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  Hagrien Profile of magnesium Alloy Company:Shaanxi Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.is a company specialized in production,processing,sales and trade of magnesium parts and magnesium alloy components as well as processing of mechanical products including magnesium tube,magnesium plate,magnesium rod,magnesium wire,magnesium irregular parts,magnesium precision parts,magnesium standard components and magnesium fastener.The Company has integrated and scientific international system certifications:Quality Management System Certification(ISO9000)GB/T19001-2008,Environmental Management System Certification GB/T24001-2004,China Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification GB/T28001-2011.Its raw materials are purchased from China magnesium Valley(Baoji,China).

  The Company’s clients include many large-scale state-owned enterprises in the area where the Company is located,including AECC XI’AN AERO-ENGINE,AVIC XI’AN AIRCRAFT INDUSTRY(GROUP)COMPANY LTD.,CHINA NORTH INDUSTRIES GROUP CORPORATION,CHINA SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY CORPORATION,SHAANXI HEAVY DUTY AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD.,and provides processing of magnesium precision parts for China Aerospace,China Yanliang large aircraft and aircraft engines.Moreover,the Company has established strategic cooperation alliance with CNPC Logging(logging instrument components processing),SHAANXI HEAVY DUTY AUTOMOBILE CO.,LTD.(heavy-duty vehicle)and BYD(BYD new energy automobile).The products are sold well in both domestic and international market.The head office of Hagrien(a trademark registered in the United States)covers an area of 40 acres;the second branch plant covers an area of 12 acres,and the Company has set up the third branch plant in Foshan(Guangzhou).Hagrien’s head office is located in Xi'an,neighboring to Baoji City where the China magnesium Valley is located.The Company is 19km away from Yanliang—Chinese Aerospace Town,15km away from the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum(the world eighth wonder—Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses)in Lintong District.The Company has advanced production,design,processing and manufacturing process as well as scientific technology and quality control system.The Company is equipped with over 50 sets of advanced professional processing equipment including precision CNC lathes,CNC machining center,lathes,grinders,milling machines,punching machines and thread rollers.The Company is capable to manufacture all sorts of magnesium standard parts,magnesium non-standard parts,magnesium irregular parts,magnesium nuts,screws,gaskets,magnesium plate,magnesium flange,magnesium bolts,magnesium wire,magnesium rods and other magnesium products,and can customize all sorts of magnesium parts of the German standard,the European standard and the American standard.
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