Aircraft materials processing
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  The wing is the main component of the aircraft,the early low-speed aircraft wing for the wooden structure,with cloth for the skin.The strength of this wing structure is low,poor air efficiency,has long been replaced by metal wings.
  Wing inside the wing is the main force of the wing pieces,the general use of super-hard aluminum and steel or magnesium alloy;spar and body part of the joint using high-strength structural steel.Wing skin due to the upper and lower airfoil of the different forces,respectively,with good compression performance of super-hard aluminum and tensile and fatigue performance of hard aluminum.
  In order to reduce the weight,the front and rear edges of the wing often use glass fiber reinforced plastic(FRP)or aluminum honeycomb sandwich(core)structure.Tail structure materials are generally super hard aluminum.Sometimes fighter selection of boron or carbon fiber epoxy composite material to reduce the tail weight,improve combat performance.The rudder on the fins and the rudder are made of hard aluminum.

  Aircraft flying at high altitude,the fuselage pressurized cockpit to withstand internal pressure,the need to use high tensile strength,fatigue resistance of hard aluminum as a skin material.Fuselage frame generally use super-hard aluminum,to withstand the larger load of reinforced frame using high-strength structural steel or magnesium alloy.
  Many aircraft airborne radar installed in the fuselage head,generally made of glass fiber reinforced plastic head cone to cover it so that through the electromagnetic waves.The cockpit cockpit cover and windshield glass are made of acrylic transparent plastic(plexiglass).
  Aircraft landing in the main landing gear in the moment to bear hundreds of thousands of cattle or even a few trillion cattle(dozens of tons of force to several hundred tons of force)impact force,it must use the impact toughness of the ultra-high strength structural steel.Front landing gear force is small,usually using ordinary alloy steel or super hard aluminum.
  The maximum stability of the turbine shell of the aircraft engine is designed because of the enormous impact of the blade breakage in the event of technical damage.Thus,the turbine housing is typically made of magnesium alloy,Inconel chrome-nickel alloy or Waspalloy nickel-based superalloy,and additionally reinforced by aramid fiber.

  The turbine discs are part of the aeroengine components and are made of magnesium 64,a high temperature alloy Inconel 718 or Udimet720.
  The landing gear support beam is a complex structural member that is a connection between the wing and the landing gear and acts like a bumper with the landing gear.The main landing gear and its support beam are the most demanding components on a plane,usually using magnesium as a material,and some models also use aluminum.
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