Precision parts of the surface treatment process
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  3,CNC precision parts processing automation is not enough,greatly reducing the labor intensity of the workers,the workers in the processing process does not need as much as ordinary lathe control,mainly on the lathe to observe and supervise.But the corresponding NC processing technology content is higher than the average lathe,so the relative to the ordinary lathe requires a higher mental work.
  4.The initial investment is relatively large for ordinary lathes,because the price of CNC lathes is very high,and its maintenance costs and processing the first preparation period.

  Precision parts in the actual work of the strength and toughness requirements are relatively high,its performance and service life and its surface performance has a great connection,and surface performance is not simply rely on the material to do,and is not very Economic practice,but the actual processing must have to achieve its performance standards,this time on the need to use surface treatment technology,which can often achieve a multiplier effect,in recent years the technology has also been rapid development.Mold polishing technology in the field of mold surface processing is a very important part of the workpiece processing is also an important process.Precise parts of the surface treatment process in the processing process is very important,then the precision parts of the surface treatment process which?
  It is worth noting that the precision parts of the mold surface polishing work,not only received only the impact of process and polishing equipment,but also by the impact of the material parts of the mirror,which in the current processing and did not get enough The emphasis on this is also that the polishing itself is affected by the material.Although the precision of the surface parts of the processing technology to improve the innovation and upgrading,but in the precision parts processing applications are mainly for the hardening film deposition,and nitriding,carburizing technology.
  Because nitriding technology can achieve a high level of surface performance,and nitriding technology and precision parts of the steel quenching process has a very high consistency,and the nitriding temperature is very low,so that after the infiltration Nitrogen technology does not require intense cooling process,so the deformation of precision parts will be very small,so nitriding technology is also used in precision parts processing to enhance the surface performance using one of the earliest technology,is the current application The most extensive.
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