Hagrien decryption precision machining how to define
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  Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.that:precision machining is defined by the steps,according to the process to complete the main surface of the final processing,including the workpiece parallelism,surface finish,surface perpendicularity,surface hardness,etc.,so that parts processing accuracy and processing Surface quality to meet the requirements of the requirements of the process.
  Parallelism requirements
  The so-called parallelism requirements,that is,the requirements of the workpiece around the tolerance requirements,such as rectangular workpiece,the workpiece requires four corners of the thickness of a certain tolerance range.If the measured thickness of the four sides does not meet the tolerance requirements,then the parallelism requirements are not reached.It is necessary to re-adjust the workpiece,the problem may occur in the grinder suction cup,sucker due to excessive use,wear,resulting in parallelism error;it may be grinding wheel is not trimmed,or grinding wheel crack,gap,then re-grinding wheel;May also be sucker clean up,it is necessary to re-clean the sucker,carefully clean up;it may be the workpiece is not trimmed,there is burr.
  Vertical requirement
  The so-called vertical requirement is to require the workpiece side and ground to meet the tolerance requirements.The best understanding is the body,from the number of points of view,divided into XYZ three sides,generally require XZ,YZ meet the tolerance requirements.The error is also the sum of the parallelism requirements.Generally in accordance with the requirements of parallelism can be handled.
  other requirements
  Such as finish.It is required to achieve,such as mirror effect.
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