Methods of Improving the Processing Efficiency of Precision
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  Non-standard equipment parts processing process will show the tool wear to speed up the processing of poor integrity,poor chip removal and other common questions,seriously affected the quality of such parts precision machining,production cycle and processing costs.
  Non-standard equipment parts processing needs to be ultra-lubricated processing appearance and high processing accuracy,which requires a high standard tool life,the tool is not worn,will be processed surface quality is not reduced tolerance as the basis.Diamond tool standard life is very high,high-speed cutting tool wear is also very slow.So ultra-precision cutting,the cutting speed is not limited by the number of life of the tool,which is the general rules and cutting is not the same.

  Non-standard equipment parts processing practice selection of cutting speed,often based on the use of ultra-precision machine tools and dynamic characteristics of the cutting system selection,that is,select the minimum vibration speed.As the surface roughness at the speed of the smallest,the highest processing quality.High quality non-standard mechanical processing is the primary question of non-standard equipment parts processing.The use of good quality,especially the dynamic characteristics of good,small vibration of ultra-precision machine tools can use high cutting speed,you can travel processing power.
  Non-standard equipment parts processing parameters of the selection of cutting tools,including the selection of the main point of view,the choice of cutting speed and cutting depth and feed speed selection.From the previous experience,we know that in the processing of plastic materials,if the selection of a larger rake angle of the tool can be useful to suppress the formation of BUE,which is the tool front angle increases,the cutting force decreases,cutting deformation is small,Of the contact length becomes shorter,reducing the basis of the composition of the chip.
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