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  Thanksgiving letter said that in the 60th anniversary of the creation of China's space industry,the Long March 5 launch vehicle first mission was a complete success.We would like to express our heartfelt thanks and high respect for Hagrien's work on the lunar landing program and the strong support of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group for many years!
  Thanks to the letter that the Long March II carrier rocket is China's launch vehicle upgrade project,innovation and more difficult,technical span,high complexity,on behalf of China's carrier rocket technology innovation the highest level.Its first successful mission of the mission to fill the large thrust of our non-toxic non-polluting liquid rocket blank,so that China's rocket carrying capacity into the international advanced ranks.Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.broke through the key technology of magnesium alloy parts and other key technologies,on time,durability,security for the Long March 5 rocket matching magnesium alloy raw materials,practical action to practice the innovation-driven development strategy and integration of military and civilian development strategy for the Long March The successful development of the rocket and the success of the first flight made outstanding contributions.
  Thanksgiving letter said that China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is willing to further deepen cooperation with Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.,vigorously carry forward the"two bombs and one satellite"and manned space spirit,forget the beginning,continue to move forward,and constantly create a new glory of space business,"Two hundred years"goal,to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make a new and greater contribution to the Chinese dream!
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