TC6 magnesium plate to achieve a new level of technology
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  In early June,we and a Beijing research institutions to achieve the production of TC6 magnesium plate production and processing cooperation agreement.The two sides signed a production and processing of TC6 magnesium plate single agreement,the sample processed,the customer to do metallographic testing,not very satisfied with the two sides to exchange the sample production process,Hagrien Industrial Co., accordance with a research institution of the material Metallographic requirements,re-processed in line with the requirements of the customer's TC6 magnesium alloy plate.

  The cooperation in the production and processing of magnesium products,customers first think they are more reasonable to provide us with the process,we in accordance with the customer's process in the production process of the emergence of new situations,new problems,we will appear in a timely manner to the customer feedback And proposed to solve the problem,after the customer agreed to the production process to do a small adjustment,once again after careful forging processing,to ensure that the customer does not cause losses,made in the end product,we first commissioned third-party product testing,Found in accordance with the customer to the process of processing the product metallographic or does not meet the requirements of customers.Our technical staff access to relevant information,and the past forging a detailed analysis of the process,re-adjust the forging process,after careful processing,the current technical indicators qualified,metallographic results also meet the customer's request!The cooperation marks the Hagrien Industrial Co., the production and processing TC6 alloy technology has taken a solid step.
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