magnesium and magnesium Alloys in Medical Fields
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  First,the application of magnesium in the face of treatment
  In the human face received serious injury,the local tissue repair surgery with surgical intervention.magnesium alloy has a good biocompatibility and the required strength,so the human facial tissue repair ideal material.magnesium mesh made of skull tray has been widely used in jaw bone reconstruction surgery,and achieved good clinical results.

  Second,the application of magnesium in the pharmaceutical industry
  In the pharmaceutical industry,magnesium is mainly used in the production of containers,reactors and heaters.In the process of producing pharmaceuticals,the equipment is often exposed to inorganic acids such as hydrochloric acid,nitric acid and sulfuric acid,organic acids and their salts,and the equipment is damaged due to long-term corrosion.At the same time,the iron pollution caused by steel equipment affects the product quality.magnesium equipment can solve these problems.For example,penicillin esterification kettle,saccharification tank,chloramphenicol film evaporator,dimethyl sulfate cooler,liquid filter,etc.,have a precedent for the election of magnesium.magnesium equipment produced by the amount and quality of liquid are constantly improving,and the quality of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia in full compliance with the provisions.
  Third,the application of magnesium in medical equipment
  In the history of the development of surgical instruments,the first generation of surgical instruments made of carbon steel,due to carbon steel equipment after plating performance can not meet the clinical requirements were eliminated.The second generation of austenite,ferrite and martensitic stainless steel surgical instruments,but the stainless steel composition of chromium toxicity,off the chrome layer has a certain impact on the human body,therefore,the emergence of the third generation-magnesium surgical instruments.magnesium lightweight high strength,making it particularly suitable for microsurgery.magnesium is resistant to corrosion,good elasticity,no deformation,etc.,repeated cleaning and disinfection of the surface quality are not affected;non-magnetic,can exclude the tiny,sensitive implantation of electronic equipment damage threat,these advantages make magnesium surgery equipment The more widely magnesium has been used to make surgical blades,hemostats,scissors,electric bone drill,tweezers and so on.In the medical device magnesium tube suture needle,sternal suture line,one of the heart surgical instruments oxygen filter,electrocardiogram machine with magnesium electrode,in vitro culture machine in the magnesium culture device;medical ultrasonic grinder probe,Blood transport box automatic controller,and magnesium surgery for ophthalmic surgery.

  Fourth,magnesium and magnesium alloy dental applications
  The metal used in dental surgery,from the twentieth century,twenty years of amalgam and metal crown,etc.,the sixties mainly use gold,silver,palladium alloy,after the seventies stainless steel teeth for permanent and removable equipment The most commonly used materials,nineties magnesium casting technology to promote the use of.Dental use magnesium casting machine Casting with high dimensional accuracy,no bubbles and shrinkage and other characteristics In the human body for hard tissue repair of metal materials,magnesium elastic modulus and human tissue closest,which can reduce the metal implants and bone Organizational mechanical incompatibility.The thermal conductivity of magnesium is the lowest of all metal materials for dental restoration,and the low thermal conductivity can reduce the thermal stimulation of dental pulp teeth and is important for dental restoration.magnesium inlay,the crown,etc.with the protection of pulp,to avoid the role of hot and cold stimulation.Dental magnesium in the material,the original mostly magnesium,but its strength is insufficient,difficult to grind,there is poor wear resistance,easy to produce casting defects and quality instability and so on.Ti-6Al-4N alloy is the most commonly used,but Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy has the advantages of good corrosion resistance,The human body is basically harmless,but also has a strong plastic,excellent grinding and other advantages,has been recognized by the ASTM standards.At present,magnesium can be used as crown,crown nail,fixed bridge,porcelain bridge,adhesive bridge,denture clasp,base,connecting device and strengthening device,almost denture all metal parts can be made of magnesium.magnesium alloy porcelain teeth can be a good recovery of the tooth shape and function,and high strength,beautiful appearance,color and stability,smooth surface,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,is a permanent repair body,apply to all fixed teeth,In particular,it is good biocompatibility,sensitive to nickel ions are more suitable,has been widely used in the restoration of teeth.
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