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  June 8,2017,Hagrien is full of vitality,bustling.Sponsored by the Shaanxi Association of magnesium,Shaanxi Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.contractors to lead the innovation and development of magnesium industry to observe the exchange will be held in our grand.
  In recent years,the provincial party committee and municipal government of Shaanxi Province,the magnesium industry as the city focused on creating one hundred billion industry,and actively build"China magnesium Valley"Baoji base,to accelerate the development of China's magnesium industry has made important contributions.At present,Baoji has formed a magnesium industry as a leader,non-ferrous metal new material industry cluster,China's magnesium and non-ferrous metal materials production,research and development,technology and personnel exchanges and demonstration areas.The exhibition of the development of magnesium industry to observe the convening of the exchange,to strengthen the industry exchanges and cooperation to build a new platform.
  The meeting was led by the Baoji magnesium Industry Association,and organized the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,the Bureau of Industry,the High-tech Zone Management Committee and other departments to participate in the collection Hagrien Industrial Co.,Ltd.talked about the development direction of Baoji nonferrous metals industry.The participants on behalf of a wide range of exchanges,in-depth discussion,and jointly promote Baoji magnesium industry technological innovation,expand magnesium applications,in order to accelerate the national economic development and make new contributions.

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