magnesium and titanium alloy brand new national standard
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  Recently,a"magnesium and magnesium alloy grades and chemical composition of the new national standard is about to begin to implement,"the news attracted a lot of magnesium circle of concern,and discuss the topic.What is the new national standard?What is the difference between the previous version and the previous version?Its implementation will give enterprises what impact?Reporters telephone interview with magnesium industry well-known experts Baotan Group senior engineer Ma Honghai.
  Ma Honghai told reporters that the new national standard by the People's Republic of China State Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine,China National Standardization Management Committee in December 2016 jointly issued,will be implemented on November 1 this year.The national standard is the revision of GB/T3620.1-2007,the TA0,TA1,TA2 and TA3 pure magnesium grades stipulated in the standard correspond to the relevant national standards for magnesium released before 2007(1994 edition),the national military standard,The corresponding TA0,TA1,TA2,TA3 grades and chemical composition in the industry standard.
  Reporters found that in the new national standard in the 1994 version of the pure magnesium grades,but the grades were revised,still can find the corresponding alloy grades,chemical composition consistent.The new national standard in the 1994 edition of pure magnesium grades to recover,mainly due to military enterprises have been used in 1994,between 1994 and 2007 has been stereotypes of military products can not make changes,must follow the former grade,so the new national standard Of pure magnesium grades and 1994 version of the pure magnesium brand fully corresponds to,and the chemical composition of the same.

  In addition,TA1GELI,TA1G,TA1G-1,TA2GELI,TA2G,TA3GELI,TA3G,TA4GELI,TA4G specified in the new national standard correspond to GB/T2965-2007,GB/T3621-2007,GB/T3622-2012,GB/T3623-2007,GB/T3624-2010,GB/T3625-2007,GB/T12769-2007,GB/T13810-2007,GB/T14845-2007,GB/T16598-2013,GB/T26057-2010,GB/T26058-2010 Lt;/RTI&TA1,TA1,TA2ELI,TA2,TA3ELI,TA3,TA4ELI and TA4 grades and chemical composition in the standard(see table).Ma Honghai,TA1G,TA4G,TA4G and 2007 version of the TA1,TA2,TA3,TA4 pure magnesium brand corresponding,so that the new national standard has joined the 2007 version of the brand name,but the draft The developer added"G"to the grade and renamed the magnesium and magnesium grades to facilitate the distinction between pure magnesium grades in 2007 and 1994.It is noteworthy that the new GB will be implemented in November this year,only the implementation of the chemical composition of the instructions,but did not modify the material standards,which,plate,bar,pipe and other materials are still the implementation of the 2007 version of the standard,Ma Honghai told reporters that the new material standards are expected to be available in 2018.
  It is noteworthy that the new national standard on the basis of the previous version,but also joined the 1994 version,and material standards are not updated,easy to confuse.Ma Honghai special tips enterprises and practitioners,need to pay attention to the old and new standards in advance to switch,so as to avoid confusion,bring unnecessary losses.
  At present,from the beginning of the implementation of the new national standard has been less than 4 months time,the lack of awareness of the new national standard and understanding,especially small and medium enterprises.Ma Honghai that the production enterprises this time,need to pay attention to,and actively organize the new national standard,to the customer propaganda new national standard.
  Reporters learned from the production enterprises,so far,the production of magnesium and magnesium alloy,the old national standard is still allowed to use.Aviation,aerospace,civil enterprises use magnesium and magnesium alloy grades generally cited 2007 version of the standard,and military enterprises are mostly cited in the 1994 version of the standard.Up to now,when the company signed the contract only marked material standards,and after November 1 in the production process,should be implemented which brand standards?Ma Honghai that the contract signed from now on,buyers and sellers to the delivery of the contract time shall prevail,must specify the material standard version number,the reference chemical composition version and the reference version of the year,all do not specify the date of the reference file,then Will default to the latest version,will cause unnecessary trouble.
  Second,the current inventory products should be how to deal with?Ma Honghai suggested that enterprises to produce finished or semi-finished products should be completed before November 1 marked work,do the old and new standard switch,ahead of time to take measures to clear the implementation of the version of the TA is the name.
  According to the industry,the new standard for the export of product grades than the previous version of the more clear,and American Standard and other foreign standards closer to taking into account the reality of the production enterprises.Ma Honghai told reporters,in fact,in the 2007 version,magnesium and magnesium alloy chemical properties have been the same with the American standard.The new national standard set of 1994 and 2007 version as a whole,more detailed,perfect,as long as the enterprise properly respond to master the contents of the new national standard,the development of enterprises will have long-term significance.
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