T628 AX-5 Anchor Packer
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The Hagrien T628 AX-5 Anchor Packer is a tandem set packer used in zone or hole isolation completions. The packer is designed to run above the T629 AX-6 Compression Packer, but can also work above the T670 Optima Permanent Packer Line of tools as well as the T601 AX-1 or other locking packer.

Available with a Left or Right Hand Set J-Track, it can be configured for almost any lower tool that is locked in place. With standard, Sour Service or 10,000 psi options, this tool will isolate the well bore for most needs.

The AX-5 is part of the new X-SERIES™ of tools unique from Hagrien Completions. Sharing components across the X-SERIES™ line gives the Service Provider the ability to have repair parts on shelf for multiple X-SERIES™ tools without having to stock individual parts for each model.
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