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The Hagrien T662 H.U.L.K. Big Bore Frac Plug is a big bore wireline set bridge plug for use with a dissolvable plug that can be left in a well bore without the need for drill out before production begins. Should the H.U.L.K. need to be removed, the tool is completely drillable for quick removal due to the compact size.

The patent applied for Wireline Adapter Kit (WLAK) setting equipment is unique in that the plug is completely held by the WLAK in a way to prevent preset. The plug is only able to stroke when the Pressure Setting Tool (PST) is activated. H.U.L.K. is designed for each specific casing sie and weight with the ID as large as possible while maintaining the required pressure rating. This allows for a close tolerance to the casing size for better pump-down effect with much less fluid loss then with conventional or composite style plugs.
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